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The St.Gallen Navigators help you master your entrepreneurial journey on any stage

St.Gallen Venture Growth Lifecycle

Exemplary Case Studies

Startup Navigator – The mindset to found a bank and identify problems with a sufficient market.

Scale-up Navigator – A tribe-based team mastering post-M&A integration.

Scale-up Navigator – Competing against giant incumbents with a human-focused culture (“people first”).

Scale-up Navigator – From USP to scalable Product-Market-Fit and customer-driven Go-to-Market strategies.

Scale-up Navigator – Accelerating the scaling journey through a buy-and-build strategy (roll-up).

Startup Navigator – Finding a sustainable USP.

Corporate Venturing Navigator – Bertelsmann’s corporate venturing journey.

Corporate Venturing Navigator – Siemens Healthineers’ corporate venturing journey.

Startup@HSG – Services for HSG Students and Alumni

Executive Teaching – Entrepreneurial Excellence

Exemplary Bonus Material

Venture Growth Lifecycle

Venture ESG Model

Team: Play cards

Sample Pitch Deck

Purpose-driven Routine

KPI Benchmarking Tool

Notion: Intro to Team

CV Cockpit Specifications

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